WNJ Ventures x LAUUNCH! Startup Spotlight: Fambamhk

WNJ Ventures
1 min readApr 24, 2024


FamBamhk (https://fambamhk.com/) is an all-in-one family entertainment platform that connects a community of parents, family brands and brand ambassadors.

🚀 FamBamhk’s Journey
FamBamhk is led by serial entrepreneur Elton Yau who possess in-depth experience and extensive network across the family sector in Hong Kong.

With a growing user base of 15,000+ and over 700+ service providers & brand ambassadors, the team has effectively leveraged the LAUUNCH! program to develop a healthy balance between the demand and supply side dynamics for it’s platform.

The team’s unique strategic partnership with Eugene Group, one of the leading family brands in Hong Kong, provides the venture with proprietary data access to further finetune it’s product development.

📈 WNJ’s Sector Analysis: Family Consumption
Family consumption has remained a solid, “counter-cyclical” sector. In the Hong Kong market alone, there’s 2.5M households — of which 260K represent next generation families who are the ideal target customer segment for FamBamhk’s core proposition of “making parenting easier and more fun”.

⏭️ The Next Phase
FamBam continues its go-to-market growth in Hong Kong, as it looks to develop product features that better serve its increasing customer segment pool in a more effective way.



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