WNJ Ventures LAUUNCH! Incubation Program Batch 1 Graduate: VoxAI

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2 min readOct 24, 2023


🗒 VoxAI: Text-to-image voxel art creation for game developers powered by AI.

️VoxAI (https://prototype-frontend-theta.vercel.app/voxel) is an innovation-based application designed to revolutionize the process of voxel art asset creation for game developers and graphic designers.

By automating voxel model generation, VoxAI aims to simplify the creative process and in doing so make it more accessible to a broader audience, regardless of their technical or design skills, making game asset creation for top user-generated content (UGC) platforms like Minecraft, Roblox and The Sandbox easier than before.

🚀 LAUUNCH! Incubation Program: VoxAI’s Progress

As an early participant of the LAUUNCH! Incubation Program, VoxAI benefited from extensive support during the ideation phase, including go-to-market strategy, pitch advisory, and product development.

The program also facilitated VoxAI’s entry into the ideation and incubation programs of the Hong Kong Science Park and Technologies, leading to the successful development of its prototype.

📈 WNJ’s Tech Sector Analysis: UGC Gaming

The current tech landscape has seen the rise of no-code platforms for creating game mechanics. However, solutions for non-designers to create and animate game assets are still lacking.

UGC platforms, with hundreds of millions of monthly active users and over 40 million third-party games, highlight the vast potential in this area.

VoxAI aims to address this gap and contribute to the long-term vision of the metaverse by democratizing graphic design generation.

⏭️ The Next Phase

Post-graduation, VoxAI is preparing to enter a new phase, focusing on recruiting its first testers and planning collaborations with gaming and metaverse studios. There are also plans to expand into the EdTech market, with a vision to empower kids to create game assets and practice game building.

WNJ Ventures open up a new chapter in our collaboration with VoxAI in our capacity as a strategic advisor with the team and taking a more active role in driving their growth.

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