WNJ Ventures LAUUNCH! Incubation Program Batch 1 Graduate: Travel 3

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2 min readMay 29, 2023


SME Marketing Platform Powered by Gamification & Web 3

Travel 3 (https://travel3.app/en) is a marketing platform that uses the “Experience to Earn” gamified model and NFT to engage users and promote brands.

The team’s vision is to provide an all-in-one marketing solution that aims to increase brand and product awareness, attract end-users to visit/spend, and foster loyalty and advocacy among users.

LAUUNCH! Incubation Program: Travel 3 Traction

As an accelerated, early graduate of our LAUUNCH! Incubation program: Batch 1, we focused our venture build support with Travel 3 on go-to-market strategy and investment pitch advisory.

  • Over 1,000+ engaged users and issuance of over 900+ NFTs
  • Strategic partnerships with 30+ businesses and valuable collaborations with 5+ community partners

WNJ’s Tech Sector Analysis: Web 3

Web3 — the next wave of innovation sweeping across the blockchain industry. This evolution signifies an epoch of user empowerment and decentralization.

Looking forward to 2023, we foresee key developments such as affordable blockchain via Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions, regulatory clarity from the U.S. government bolstering Web3, and the integration of AI and ML for enhanced operations. Notably, cybersecurity within Web3 and the rising adoption of utility-based NFTs are also trending.

Amidst the inherent challenges and volatility of the cryptocurrency market, Hong Kong businesses are demonstrating resilience by integrating Web3 technologies into their operations. We’re seeing promising examples like Travel 3 leveraging government support to broaden their reach.

The Next Phase

As we champion innovation, our collaboration with Travel3 goes from strength to strength. As they embark on the next phase of their journey, we’re thrilled to announce WNJ Venture’s capacity as a strategic advisor with the team and taking a more active role in driving their growth.



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