WNJ Ventures LAUUNCH! Incubataion Program Batch 1 Graduate: PerksBar

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2 min readSep 14, 2023


🗒️ HR Tech Platform for Employee Engagement, Reward and ESG Initiatives

PerksBar (http://www.perksbar.com) is a HR engagement app for employee engagement, reward & ESG initiatives targeted at Corporates & SMEs. PerksBar’s current core proposition includes a peer recognition gamified ecosystem, manager wallet & reward system and management/stakeholder toolkit & dashboard.

🚀 LAUUNCH! Incubation Program: PerksBar Key Traction
As an accelerated, early graduate of our LAUUNCH! Incubation Program: Batch 1, we focused our venture build support with PerksBar on go-to-market strategy and investment pitch advisory.

We are proud to share that the team collaboration has culminated in full product development, securing two MNC clients with over 2,000+ users, and yielding a committed annual revenue of HK$3.6M+ for FY23.

📈 WNJ’s Tech Sector Analysis: HR Tech
HR Tech encompasses a range of solutions for hybrid work environments and AI applications, effectively meeting the demands of our changing workforce.

The focus of today’s HR tech trends is geared toward strategic initiatives, cloud-based systems, seamless data integration, and enriched decision-making processes. In particular, we’re seeing a greater emphasis on enhancing workplace diversity — a move that inevitably uplifts business operations and equips us to tackle future work challenges head-on.

Amongst these trendsetters, PerksBar not only integrates data but also bolsters decision-making processes and streamlines business operations. They’re a clear example of how embracing the latest trends in HR technology can drive significant advancements in the business world.

⏭️ The Next Phase
Upon graduation, we continue to nurture our extensive advisory partnership with PerksBar and we are particularly excited about the further imminent collaboration with the team to help with further B2B market penetration in Hong Kong and beyond.

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