WNJ Ventures x LAUUNCH! Startup Spotlight: PopChill

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2 min readApr 23, 2024


🗒 PopChill: Sustainable Fashion Marketplace from Taiwan

PopChill is a sustainable fashion marketplace powered by AI authentication that enables users to buy and sell second-hand fashion and apparel, including clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

🚀 Pop Chill’s Journey

Led by seasoned and serial entrepreneurs Andy and Kelly, PopChill, presented a venture with an exciting mix of opportunities, while the team handles a delicate balance of building social impact, customer trust and facilitating the flow of products across borders.

With around US$5.2million fundraised from investors including 500 Global and US-based Acorn Pacific Ventures, the venture symbolises a great example of an emerging, international startup successfully using Hong Kong for a pilot Go-To-Market to scale across Asia (such as Singaopre and Malaysia) and beyond.

📈 WNJ’s Sector Analysis: Sustainable Fashion

Estimated to be at US$7.8billion in 2023, the global sustainable market size is forecast to grow to US33.1billion by 2030 (source: Coherent Market Insights), driven largely by increasing consumer awareness and consciousness about environmental and social issues. 75% of Gen Z consumers have purchased 2nd hand goods to reduce their environment impact.

⏭️ The Next Phase

PopChill is currently in their go-to-market phase in Hong Kong, concentrated at growing both their demand and supply side. It is well positioned to leverage off the connectivity and consumer habits of Hong Kong to grow in Asia and beyond.

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