WNJ Ventures LAUUNCH! Incubation Program Batch 1 Graduate: Expando

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2 min readMay 29, 2023


B2B Marketplace for Startups to Crowdsource Sales Opportunities From Expert Community

Led by Xavier, Expando (www.expando.world) is a B2B marketplace for startups to crowdsource qualified sales opportunities from a vetted community of business experts.

LAUUNCH! Incubation Program: Expando Traction

As an accelerated, early graduate of our LAUUNCH! Incubation Program: Batch 1, we focused our venture build support with Expando on go-to-market strategy and investment pitch advisory. The combined efforts led to:

  • The formation of an international team made up of 6 members from 6 different countries
  • The release of a public beta that provides a seamless experience from onboarding, listing of growth projects, to expansion tracking.
  • A fast-growing community of 40 influential business experts and 60 tech startups among which industry leaders in AR/VR and IoT from Europe.

WNJ’s Sector Analysis: Marketplace

As the online marketplace landscape evolves, we’re witnessing a significant shift from quantity-centric models to premium, quality-focused platforms with an exclusive roster of suppliers and offering users an unrivaled experience.

We are in an era of rapid change where consumer behaviors continuously evolve. Emerging trends encompass personalized algorithms and curated supply platforms across diverse sectors.

Expando’s vision is to sit at the forefront of these trends, offering a unique platform that seamlessly connects startups with business maestros, making it an ideal fit for the latest industry currents.

The Next Phase

Upon graduation, we continue to nurture our strategic partnership with Expando, and we are particularly excited about the further imminent collaboration with Xavier and the team to help with further market penetration in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia and building up a significant impact in the startup ecosystem and beyond!



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