Get Funded Without Venture Capital Money

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The Answer ✅

Traditional VC Path Compatibility Checklist ✔️

  • Is your aim to build and scale a very fast growing company at the cost of giving up some control along the way?
  • Or do you value more building a company which might not be as fast growing but which destiny is controlled 100% by you and your other co-founders?
  • Are you sufficiently aware of what it means to work with VCs?
  • Do you have the ability to monetize soon enough from your first users with early versions of your product?
  • Do you lots of upfront capital to build your MVP? i.e. heavy tech
  • Do you have a high CAC? e.g. you target the corporate segment from day one or you are penetrating a market that needs lots of product education.
  • Is your product in a crowded category? If so, do you have an unfair advantage to break out at scale?
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  1. Bootstrapping ⚙️

No One-size-Fits-all 👚

Our rule of thumb as a venture investor is to make sure our goals are aligned with the team we work with.




Investing in how Millennials and Gen-Z's Live, Work and Play.

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WNJ Ventures

WNJ Ventures

Investing in how Millennials and Gen-Z's Live, Work and Play.

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