Gaming — Pioneers of NFTs

Decentraland Gameplay (Source: Generation T Asia)

Just an expensive JPEG?

So what is an NFT?

A playground for innovation

Gaming has long been a testing ground and early-adopter of emerging technologies.

Why is Blockchain Gaming a thing

In the traditional gaming landscape, even though players pay real money for their virtual in-game assets, they are only effectively rented from the game developers and have no real-world value. In time, if the server is ever switched off or if the game ever goes out of favour…all of the effort, gaming assets, and money remain the property of the publisher or developer.

Example: Axie Infinity

One example of a game developed entirely on the blockchain would be Axie Infinity, which showcases a play-to-earn gameplay and a player-owned economy.

Axie Infinity Gameplay (Source: Niko Partners)



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