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2 min readDec 4, 2019


Our Company

At WNJ Ventures, we invest in companies that use technology to transform the way millennials and generation Z learn, work and play. Our sector coverage extends across Edtech, E-Commerce, Consumer Fintech, Digital Gaming & Esport and Worktech.

As a family-backed venture, we invest in both public and private companies, from early-stage venture capital to capital markets.

Our Private Ventures

We are proud of our role as venture builders for our early-stage portfolio companies and we are eager to hear from project founders with businesses under our scope coverage. Our current portfolio comprises:

Hashcademy | www.hashcademy.com

A learning platform which helps young professionals advance their careers and skills in technology, entrepreneurship and professional services. It currently has 120,000+ users across 30+ countries around the world for its online courses.

Loot | https://loot.fvesl.com/#/en

An eSports tournament platform which has hosted over 80+ digital tournaments for users across 100 countries. Loot currently has 6,000+ users and also specialises in online/offline gaming event organisation and service provision.

Workeroom | www.workeroom.com.hk

A SaaS marketplace which focuses on providing freelancer management solutions for corporates and startups. Workeroom has had over 9,000+ freelancers and 100+ professional services coverage within its first year of operations.

KIX Team | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnz4qh6Iako6i19CfwRP0ig

A South-East Asia eSports team which competes in key mobile gaming titles by Tencent-owned developer Supercell, including Clash Royale and Brawl Stars.


We’re hiring! We’re a small team with an entrepreneurial can-do attitude. We value and believe in hard work, humility, teamwork, communication, diversity and good character. We are a startup ourselves, so joining WNJ Ventures means not only working with startups and co-investors but also contributing to building our own venture at the same time.


We welcome collaboration with a variety of interested parties in this up-and-coming space including developers, corporate ventures, investors, consultants and banks amongst others. To discuss further opportunities, feel free to contact us at winglee@wnjventures.com



WNJ Ventures

Investing in how Millennials and Gen-Z's Live, Work and Play.